Where I’ve Been

Austria: Vienna*, Salzburg*
Belgium: Antwerp*, Bruges*, Brussels*, Ghent*
Croatia: Dubrovnik*, Split*
Czech Republic: Prague
Denmark: Copenhagen*
France: Paris*
Finland: Helsinki
Germany: Dusseldorf, Munich
Greece: Piraeus/Athens*
Hungary: Budapest*
Iceland: Reykjavik and along the southern coast
Italy: Florence*, Milan, Siena*, Venice*
Morocco: Bin El Oudiane*
Netherlands: Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Den Haag, Gouda, Haarlem, Hoek van Holland, Ijburg, Maastricht, Scheveningen, Zaanse Schans
Norway: Oslo
Poland: Warsaw
Russia: Moscow*
Spain: Barcelona*, Palma de Mallorca*, Madrid*, Sailing (Puerto de Andratx, Mallorca->Ibiza->Benedorm->Cabo de Palos->Puerto de Mazarron)
Sweden: Stockholm*
Switzerland: Zurich*
Turkey: Istanbul, Izmir*
UAE: Abu Dhabi, Dubai*
UK: Edinburgh*, London*

3 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been”

  1. Don’t forget Leiden, Edam, Alkmaar and Arnhem, all worth a visit. We have yet to get up north to Groningen or to visit the little towns that make up the special canal ice skating race (if the winter is cold enough), but hope to do so this year.

    • And of course you shouldn’t skip Rotterdam and Delft! Its the biggest problem in going somewhere – you always discover there’s more places to go to.

      • hi rachel. lovley blog. like a warm golden kiss from the sun. i love the delicate sensation of dappled sunlight dancing upon your face. love it’s subtle touch. makes u realise why cats love stretching themselves out upon window sills so much

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