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Happy new year! Somehow the first two weeks have already spun by and I have a feeling the rest of 2014 will follow suit. Along with every other year ahead. Once I heard that our perception of time is linked to Einstein’s theory of relativity and that as we get older, we have more days/weeks/years/experiences behind us giving us the impression time is going by faster having more to relate it to. Who knows if it’s true, but it sure feels like it’s all going by in a flash.

Before the year gets too far on, I’ve set a goal for myself and that’s to get back out in the world again. Traveling new places with new cultures, languages, foods, sights and sounds. On the list in this country: Austin, TX, New Orleans, LA, Pacific Northwest (WA, OR). The bigger adventure is planned somewhere in Central or South America. No real destination other than to be much farther down Mexico than I’ve been before and maybe even setting foot on my fifth continent. Planning will happen – eventually.

In general the year is off to an okay start. Some areas of life are trucking along while others can be a bit wobbly or uncertain. Rather than getting down I’ve chosen to find fulfillment where I can to make up for where it’s lacking. In short, I’m working on getting involved in my community. Hopefully some volunteering, service projects and fun neighborhood events are in my not-too-distant future.

Here’s to yet another wonderful year ahead.

P.S. Soon to follow is a more thoughtful post about something that’s been on my mind lately. In one word: Home. What it is, what it means, what it feels like. Please comment with your $0.02 while I work on mine.

P.P.S. Denver loves me and I love Denver.Denver Sky