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This is the sound I plan to make on Friday when I arrive in Denver. To live. For the foreseeable future. I’m not sure I’ve ever looked forward to staying in one place this much. It’s not to say the travel the past two years hasn’t been fabulous, but the month of February took its toll. California, Nevada, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Colorado, New York, Colorado, Nevada in 30 days. Somewhere around New York it all caught up with me in the form of a cold. Not the ideal state with only 24 hours in the city after almost 10 years since my last visit. Fortunately it’s all about to calm down, at least a little.

In the coming days mom and I will make the drive from Reno to Denver via Salt Lake and Grand Junction making a three-day scenic road trip of the move. It seems the weather will be in our favor providing clear skies and roads on the 1,000 mile journey. Friday we will pull into Denver and for the first time in three months I will have a place of my own. Since leaving Amsterdam in December I’ve been fortunate to stay with friends and family, to feel welcomed, but there’s nothing quite like having that one place to call home. A place to fully unpack and a refrigerator to stock from scratch. This sounds like absolute bliss. I’ve been counting the days until I can settle in somewhere and fully turn the page into this next chapter.

The first few months of the year, though hectic, have been a great start. I’m thrilled to be back at work, diving right back into things and happy to be surrounded by such great people. I’m enjoying being back in the US, close to family and friends, with no shortage of decent Mexican food (it’s the little things), and to start thinking about and planning for the future. I’ve said it before but I feel 2013 holds great things and I can’t wait for Friday to come so it can really get started.