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After the last post, it should be no surprise that plans changed again. I extended my time in Phuket by a couple more days then made it as far as Koh Lanta (a cute little island with resorts and bungalows down the long stretch of beach). I’d intended to be there a couple nights and island hop south to Langkawi, Malaysia for my border crossing. Instead I stayed five nights with Steph joining for a couple well deserved days off and one more day of diving together.

Inevitably I had to leave. Now it’s Friday afternoon and I’m in Bangkok having arrived last night for the final leg of this adventure. A big city lies outside my window, the first one I’ve seen in almost a month. I can barely bring myself to face it. Spending the last four weeks on islands, beaches and dive boats was exactly what I needed. I’m more relaxed than I’ve ever been, stress and worry free, and probably on the verge of achieving a completely ridiculous level of tan for January. Now it’s time to start the journey toward the real world, but slowly.

Tonight I travel with friends to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend mostly for the mandatory border crossing to extend my tourist visa but also to experience something new. We will return Sunday night and I’ll have three days exploring Bangkok before leaving Southeast Asia. I’m already struggling with this journey coming to an end so I can only imagine what getting on that plane Thursday will feel like. Fortunately many new and exciting things are waiting on the other side, I’m just not ready to think about them yet.