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What is it they say about making plans, the best laid plans, planning for the unexpected? In the best way, that’s what this trip has been about so far. After minimal reading and research, I made a plan to start my trip in Phuket staying with a friend for a week or 10 days then making my way north to Chiang Mai. The journey would take me from the beaches of southern Thailand to the mountains in the north of the country then to Bangkok.

Well, it’s almost three weeks in and I’m writing this from Steph’s dive center on the southern tip of Phuket. (Ocean Geo Divers in Nai Harn if you’re interested.) Still here. Haven’t left and keep postponing my departure for more diving, days on the beach and quality time with a dear friend. The reasons to stay have vastly outnumbered the reasons to go anywhere else. Sure part of me feels obliged to see as much of the country as possible seeing as it’s so far from home and may be my one and only trip here (though I doubt that very much). But whatever lies deep inside is keeping me rooted here for now enjoying the time relaxing, the time in the water, the time doing as little as humanly possible with no stress or worries in the world. I have a feeling no part of me will look back and think “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”

If I could I might just stay here until it’s time to go to Bangkok for quality time with another friend, but the law will make me leave soon. Only having a standard tourist visa, my time in Thailand is limited to 30 days but my flight back is just past that mark. I have to cross a border somewhere to re-up that time. Soon, though when exactly is not known just yet, I’ll head further south to some other small islands for more beaches, time in the sea, beautiful sunsets and warm weather. I’ll make a short trip by ferry to an island off Malaysia then, somehow someway, get to Bangkok. I’ll probably head out in the coming days but my brain just can’t think that far ahead.

In the meantime I’ll soaking up the quality time and enjoying another day on the boat diving tomorrow (dives 12 and 13). Beyond that nobody knows.