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Hello from Phuket, Thailand where I’m absolutely enjoying myself. Totally zoned out from reality and without a care in the world. With that seems to come a lack of motivation to write more than a few words, so as succinctly as I can manage here’s an update of what’s transpired since arriving. I’ve:

-Been in the water (pool or sea) every day but one
-Floated on a boogie board while moored to a buoy for an hour
-Got sunburned in the process of said floating
-Completed my PADI scuba certification and six open water dives
-Had three Thai massages
-Eaten nothing but fresh fruit and Thai food
-Learned two phrases in Thai

There’s more, but those are the highlights for now. Taking this month off between jobs was a fantastic decision. And now it’s time to get back to doing as little as humanly possible.

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