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The countdown is over. I’m back baby!

Monday’s travels were as smooth as could be expected though it did seem my luggage was inspected at every possible checkpoint. Who knew my bags were that interesting? The final destination of this journey was Reno, Nevada where I lived before moving to Amsterdam and where my mom still resides. As we flew over the mountains and lakes on the approach, all I could do was smile. I missed this landscape and scenery. Mom greeted me outside the terminal, helped with my bags and took me back to her place, my home base for the next two months.

Later in the evening I met up with a group of people for drinks to keep myself moving and awake in the hope of bypassing jet lag as much as possible. It was in the course of that conversation that, for the first time, I referred to my life in Amsterdam in the past tense, using was instead of is. As the words came out I fought to keep it together. In that moment I realized that the chapter has ended. I can only imagine there will be many more of those moments, little things I do/say/see where it all sinks in. Of course I will be sad, I will miss so many things about my life there, but the next thing to run through my mind will be the adventures ahead. Many are already planned, others are in talks and even more haven’t made themselves known just yet.

So here I am, back in the US. Reno, NV of all places. But I’m home. Everything about being back feels right, reassuring me that as difficult and labored as the decision was I chose right. Now comes the process of readjusting to American life, at least partially, and getting used to speaking about Amsterdam and my life there in the past tense. Is changes to was.