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Day zero is just around the corner. Daunting. In happier news, it’s after 8pm Sunday and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and write all weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday have been jam packed with friends, activities, meals, and packing. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I’ve never been overly social or one to have a very large circle of acquaintances, preferring instead for a few close friends. Last night I was surrounded by most of those few, important people in my life here in Amsterdam. I feel really lucky.

There have been a few tears this weekend as one would expect, but for the most part I’ve been enjoying each and every moment. Seeing Amsterdam through fresh eyes. And speaking WAY more Dutch than ever before. What’s up with that? Maybe there really is something that clicks at the two year mark or maybe I’m just getting it all out while I can.

Now it’s a quiet Sunday evening at home. My bags are all packed and just waiting to be taken back across the sea tomorrow. I know I’m crazy to leave such a great city as Amsterdam – one that after traveling all around Europe for two years can’t be matched by any other. But for every great memory I’ve had here and for every sad thought about what I’ll miss, there are an equal number of exciting moments and adventures ahead. In fact, the next two months alone are enough to last a lifetime but I’ll save that for another post. And as a bonus, I won’t have to miss it for long. I already have a return visit planned for an undetermined period of time around Queen’s Day 2013. That thought alone comforts me, knowing it will only be a few months until I’m back here again in this city and with these people.

So for one last time in 2012 and as a Dutch resident… Goedenavond Amsterdam. Slaap lekker en tot morgen. Ik how van je.

Rachel in Amsterdam Amsterdam from above