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It’s almost time to start counting in hours. This is getting ridiculous.

Today was my last at work and it wasn’t easy. Most of the team made it into the office and we were able to share one last wonderful (she said with extreme sarcasm) lunch together. I was chipper all day despite what was coming, but that changed when I stood up and started walking toward the first person I’d say goodbye to. Ugh, I hate goodbyes. There were tears, laughs, hugs and Dutch kisses. It’s not easy to leave such a great group of people.

That was the first big checkpoint in the series. From today on through the weekend it’s going to be a long string of bidding farewell to the people and places I’ve become so familiar with. But as someone said this week, the fact that it’s hard to leave and the tears that fall are all signs of how great it’s all been. I can’t express enough how absolutely thankful and grateful I am.