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One week left. Will someone please slow this freaking clock down already? Goodness!

It’s Monday evening and from today each day will be my last in Amsterdam – at least as a resident. My last (full) Monday was spent in Venlo (don’t bother looking it up, not worth it) speaking to a group of colleagues from around Europe. Though Venlo itself isn’t among the most exciting places to be, I enjoyed the morning train ride – working for the  first hour with free wifi on board then gazing out the window watching the sunrise over the flat Dutch farmlands. It was beautiful and relaxing.

Tears have yet to fall but I’m sure as the sand keeps falling and the days fade from one to the next, they will unleash with a flurry. Fortunately there are many, many great things waiting for me the rest of December and into the new year. More to come on that later as I’d rather keep my focus on the week ahead. One day at a time for now.