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Well, I had another post all lined up to celebrate number 100, but this one will have to do. I’d say it’s a pretty close second…

Rarely does a day go by where I don’t stop for a moment and acknowledge how absolutely lucky and thankful I am. In the past 24 hours I’ve had a few of these moments:

Looking out over North Holland from my seat aboard yet another KLM flight to somewhere in Europe. This week, Copenhagen.Nord Holland

An hour later watching the sun set over Denmark, the bright orange reflecting from the water back up into the sky.

Danish Sunset


This morning waking up in a Copenhagen hotel, the day’s first light providing a clear view as far as the eye can see.

Danish Sunrise

Wow. Just wow.

On top of the travel and scenery, I have these moments, thoughts, feelings about my work as well. The conversations I get to have, the contribution I get to make, the people I get to meet, the things I get to learn are all more than I ever thought possible. In two years I’ve gone from doing a job to having a passion, a career and likely, as Seth Godin suggests, inadvertently becoming a Linchpin.

Wow, just wow.