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This past weekend may have been one of the most perfect in Amsterdam in my near two years here. Want to know what one does on such a sunny, warm, beautiful weekend in this city? Let me show and tell.

Saturday, being the only day I can get shopping done due to opening hours in this city, was consumed most of the morning and early afternoon by errands. But in the afternoon I met a friend to check off one of my long standing Amsterdam to-do’s – drinking a beer on the terrace of Browerij ‘t IJ – a brewery on the river IJ (as the name, once translated would suggest) that is also a windmill. How much more Dutch can you get than that?

Sunday, when all the shops are closed and there’s nothing to do but enjoy life, I spent almost all day outside. First, was a blanket and a book at the park followed by an afternoon slowly cruising the canals on a boat. In between I saw a bunch of people huddled on a bridge looking out to the water and realized I was just in time to see a charity swim in the canals. You couldn’t pay me to put my face in that water…

Amsterdam + Sunshine + Friends = Heaven