For the first time since December 2010, I was in one country, one city for three whole weeks. More amazing than that is the fact that I survived to tell the tale! First world problems if ever there were such a thing.

As I’d taken all of my time off before July was over, I found myself in Amsterdam with no work or side trips for three weeks straight. I sat still while everyone else jetted off to warmer destinations to enjoy time off. After a year and a half of consistently traveling it was more than a little strange to be in one place for so long. To have to fill the fridge multiple times in a week (it’s a small fridge) and to actually be around for whatever happened to be going on in town. Even better is that the weather was good most of the three weeks making it a pleasant stay.

The stint at home ended when I hopped on a plane and met friends in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival and more specifically the Edinburgh Tattoo. The Scottish Mother Nature was very kind to us that weekend. We enjoyed mild weather and even a bit of sunshine here and there. The show was great seeing military bands from UK, Australia, Norway, Switzerland and even from the US! Not only were the bands amazingly talented, but the backdrop was stunning. The seating was arranged in a U shape facing toward the castle on which they projected lights and images throughout the show. For the grand finale all of the performers joined together for a last song and fireworks. And all with clear skies and warm weather – for Scotland.

The week following my work travel also resumed with a day trip to and from London. Not only was it nice to be out of the office for a day, but also quite productive and, though a long day, really energized me after all that time as a desk jockey. Tonight I come to you from Stockholm, Sweden where I have a series of meetings discussing and doing the thing I’m most passionate about (professionally anyway). As a bonus, I’ll be spending the weekend in Stockholm wandering around the city checking out the sights. Please leave comments for any must see/do/eat recommendations.

The travel continues from here on out with some potentially interesting destinations which require visas, but that has yet to be confirmed. Only one more day left in August, then comes September and just four more months remain in 2012 with the decision of whether to stay or go quickly approaching. It’s been an interesting process so far with so many factors at play. I can’t wait to see all the things this chapter has to offer.