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As if I needed another social media website to participate in, I’ve recently joined Pinterest. Friends love it and after deciding a list of websites to help me plan for an upcoming vacation was annoying, I decided to give it a shot. What started as one board became two became three became… In any case, the fun part isn’t just finding cool ideas online, but actually trying them out.

Who knows how long this will last, but here’s the first of what I’d like to track as I attempt to use Pinterest for inspiration. For now the focus will be cooking as it’s something I’ve never been much into but am getting the bug to do more. (Please allow that last statement to include: I am not a food blogger nor do I have aspirations to become one. Just at home, cooking for one, looking for easy, tasty and healthy recipes.) Though not a vegetarian, I rarely cook meat at home and try to keep it pretty healthy saving the splurging for meals out with friends. I’ve already found lots of great ideas on the site and tonight tried my hand at the first.

Recently my step-mom mentioned how easy it is to cook a sweet potato in the microwave and while looking through lots of yummy looking salads and meals this came back to mind. I found some great spin-offs from a traditional baked potato and used those as my ‘pinspiration’ for tonight’s dinner.

Ingredients: Sweet potato, spinach, mushrooms, black beans, cherry tomatoes and Isle of Mull rohmilch cheddar (which I got from Michael at the British Cheese Centre in Zurich – yes, I bought British Cheese from a Brit in Switzerland. Go see him, you’ll be amazed!).


Cooking: Thanks to the world wide interwebs, I was instructed to cook the sweet potato in the microwave for 10 minutes – five on one side then flip and five on another. While microwaving, the veggies sautéed until the spinach cooked down and the tomatoes were nice and mushy.

Sautéing the veggies

End result: Dinner is usually a light meal for me at home so I halved the potato, cut the insides into a grid to allow the juices from the veggies to seep in and threw the good stuff on top. Finally I grated a little bit of cheese and viola!

The final product

For never having cooked a sweet potato before – let alone in the microwave – it came out pretty great. The combination of veggies was perfect and the little bit of moisture from the tomatoes made it so I didn’t miss having butter on the potato. The other half will most likely be consumed before the night is over and I will add sweet potatoes to my list of grocery store staples adding whatever seasonal or leftover veggies I happen to have on hand.

Easy as 1, 2, 3