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Have you ever felt something deep inside you just couldn’t put your finger on? I have this feeling about Vienna. I wrote about my first visit almost exactly this time last year. I enjoyed the city but I guess it didn’t seem remarkable at the time.

A few months ago I came back for work and decided to stay in the center again. It was only for one night but I had enough time to walk the city, taste my my favorite schnitzel and fall in love. Maybe it’s all the places I saw between visits to Vienna and their lack of that something special, but as soon as I turned the corner from my hotel and saw the orange sunset sky reflecting off the tall, white, rounded corner of that Viennese building I was a goner. You had me at hello…again.

Now I’m back again for work and with no other plans extended the trip into the weekend. This time with two nights in Vienna and two in Salzburg. I could have spent the whole weekend here but decided to try something new.

The warm fuzzy feeling returned as I took a short walk before turning in early. It was the same route as last time and as I soaked it all in I saw this:

A friend put it perfectly – the juxtaposition of new reflecting off old.

Theres something so absolutely charming about the architecture, the colors of the buildings and maybe there’s something in the air. It’s a place I feel I could come back to again and again and sink right in. A place I would love to spend a week or a month just living. A place I would some day like to bring others to show them what I see.

Vienna, I don’t know what it is but you’ve enchanted me. They do say you fall in love when you least expect it. I guess it’s happened. Please don’t change.