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After three weeks of visitors (which I still need to write about and share photos of) and disappointing weather in Amsterdam, summer is finally here. Since last Sunday afternoon the weather has been warm non-stop. That’s summer here and I have this suspicious feeling that this week was the longest stretch we’ll get.

When the warm weather comes, the city completely changes. People move out of doors as much as possible. Not only are they wandering around the city or enjoying coffee on a terrace, they set up little tables outside their front door to soak up the sun, they take their boats out on the canals, they lay out a blanket and a picnic in the park. Amsterdam knows how to enjoy sunshine. Anticipating that we may not see days like this again, I did my best impression of a Dutch person this week and did most everything you should do.

Boat on the canal? Check.


Picnic in the park? Check.

Bike ride with friends to the beach? Check.

Oh, and in between all that fun stuff I started packing for my upcoming trip to the US. I’ll be stateside for 11 days splitting my time between visiting family in California and soaking up the sea, sun, and sweet sounds at Circus Mexicus – a four day rock & roll weekend put on by Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (RCPM) in Mexico.

Only four short working days stand between me and vacation number two of three this summer. Maybe if the weather turns this week I’ll have enough time inside to catch you up on my visitors and my cruise with Mom.