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Full disclosure: This is not the happiest of stories and has almost nothing to do with me. At the end I will provide a link to donate to an absolutely worthy cause. If you are not interested I won’t hold it against you to move on. Otherwise, please continue.

While in the US over the Christmas holiday, I got one of the worst phone calls a person can get. A friend I was about to hop on a plane to spend the weekend with in Denver called to tell me that we’d lost a mutual friend the previous day. The news was completely unexpected and shocking. Our friend Lucinda, a music lover and mother of two wonderful children, was gone. As a fellow Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (RCPM) fan, I met Lucinda through mutual friends and spent time celebrating life through rock and roll with her on multiple occasions.

November 2009: Post-RCPM show in Denver (Lucinda in black)

Once the news about Lucinda spread through the Peacemaker community via emails, phone calls, texts, Facebook and Twitter, a small amount of light began to shine through the darkness. So many people who knew her or knew of her as part of the RCPM family or the other musical circles she ran with came together to send messages of support, to inquire as to how they could help her family, especially her children.

It was immediately clear that the people who travel across the country or around the world to see RCPM anywhere and everywhere do so for more than just the music. They – okay, we – do it to be with our family, with the people we understand and who understand us, to reunite and celebrate life as part of a community. Through the sadness I was filled with warmth that weekend in Denver as I saw people supporting one another in such a difficult time. The support has not yet stopped.

Shortly after her passing, a friend of Lucinda’s took custody of her children so that they would not be pulled from their home and school in the middle of the year. Friends and family gathered together for a memorial service. And now, a quarter of a year later, many of the people Lucinda knew through her love of music are coming together again to put on a benefit for her children.

The Benefit for Lucinda’s Kids is a concert on Sunday, April 29th at the Bowrey Electric in New York. The show will feature sets by Marah, Jesse Malin, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Petter Ericson Stakee of Alberta Cross and many special guests. An auction will also take place during the event with items donated by friends and artists. All proceeds raised from this event and any donations submitted online will be put into a trust for her children.

Please take a moment to visit the Facebook page or event and consider attending if you can. Donations can also be made for those outside the New York area through Fundrazr. At the very least, please spread the word and pass on information about this event to others.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, there are people out there who love you. We are all here for each other through good and bad. It’s a shame that it often takes tragedy to bring us together, but here we are and please don’t forget it.

Here’s to life.