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I could have sworn there was about a week of good weather some time into not too distant past. But with the now low temperatures and my coat, scarf and gloves lying about it’s hard to remember. Maybe those sunny and warm days were just a dream.

Last weekend, with Good Friday, First Easter and Second Easter (yes, the Dutch actually have First and Second Easter…probably only to get an extra day off work) I had a four day break and grand visions of all the fun things I’d do to enjoy the springtime sun and warmer weather. Picnic in the park with friends, a bike ride somewhere new, lunch on a sunny terrace. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us over the holiday. Instead of a warm and sunny weekend, she gave us wind and rain, clouds and cold.

Don't let the smile fool you, I'm not happy about all these layers

It was a conscious flight not to let the awful weather get the best of me. There were times when it had me down, but I fought back and gave it a run for its money. There was a lazy stroll around the city on Friday, a pillow fight in Dam Square and a Cirque show on Saturday, an afternoon walking around Keukenhof on Sunday.

Pillow Fight in Dam Square

Flower field from Keukenhof

Monday, however, was almost a total waste. I only left the house to go to the gym in the morning and grab a few groceries in the afternoon. Before I knew it, the day was over and I’d done almost nothing. It felt awful. I could have gotten on a train, wandered through a museum, gone to a movie. So many options. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. But I didn’t and I regretted it. What’s done is done and I lost a day on the long weekend. If there’s a silver lining, it could be that it will have been one of my last do-nothing days for the foreseeable future with visitors and vacations planned starting with Queen’s Day at the end of the month. That, and the work week actually brightening my outlook and has made me forget those blah feelings of Monday.

I’m pretty sure that warm weather was real. In fact, I have pictures to prove it. And memories of basking in the sunshine while sitting on a terrace and enjoying lunch with friends. Yes, it really did happen only to weeks ago. Now the question is, will it be back? The forecast for the this week appears to be cool and rainy and is putting my positive vibe at risk. Though the daylight starts earlier in the morning and lasts late into the evening, I can still feel myself wanting to withdraw back indoors. I need warmth, sunshine, short sleeves.

Spring, where did you go and when will you be back?