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I’m smack in the middle of this week’s travel. Last night I arrived in Helsinki, Finland around 10:30 local time and am already back at the airport after a day of meeting with the Finnish team. With the time change I found myself at the airport an hour earlier than needed, two hours before my flight. Better to make the mistake that way than the other. Normally I wouldn’t mind as it would give me some chill time in the lounge with wifi, snacks and drinks. Unfortunately this trip I’m flying a different airline due to my route (Amsterdam-Helsinki-Oslo-Amsterdam).

Now, less than 24 hours after arriving, I’m back at the airport without quiet solace. This is a busy, bustling place and I’ve thus far been unable to find a secluded corner anywhere. Instead I’m sitting on the edge of a thoroughfare watching people walk this way and that, to or from a gate, heading to destinations unknown (at least to me).

With the frequency I travel, I’m officially spoiled. I like using the preferred passenger security line. I like having access to a lounge to get me away from the crowds, the noise, the fast pace. I like having free snacks and drinks. I like my quiet place. But not today. Today I’m out with the riffraff on the other side of the exclusive lounge doors with time to spare. But hey, on the bright side it gave me a little something to write about. First world problems, I know.