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I’ve written about work just a little on the blog over the course of last year. Mostly I tend to reflect on my personal life and experiences, but today I will take a moment to tell you a bit about what’s happening between the hours of 9 and 5 (ish) Monday through Friday.

A couple of years ago, the company I work for bought another company. Since then there has been work to acquire shares and research projects to look at bringing the two companies together. For the last two days I have been part of one of these research projects where we’ve compared the sales methodologies, processes, and tools of the two companies to identify similarities and differences. In the end the goal is to use one common system across the new organization. As I was having dinner with colleagues last night, a couple of us noted how extremely cool it is that we are involved in this and that our expertise and input are truly unique. In a company of thousands and thousands of people with billions of euros in sales each year, I somehow ended up part of a small team to decide how 5,000 people will sell. Talk about a unique opportunity.

This has been one of those moments in life where I feel like I’m taking a step back, looking at myself from afar and am amazed at how I ended up where I have. Somehow what seemed to be a college education without focus, jobs without a future, a career without a path have ended up here. I love what I do and am more and more excited to see what this next year will bring as well as the years beyond.