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In all of the planning, preparation, and excitement for the rapidly approaching trip home for the holidays, I forgot one little thing. I forgot that I’d have to say goodbye (for now) to everyone at work. Somehow this hadn’t crossed my mind, so as meetings ended or colleagues left for the day I was reminded that would be the last time I’d see them for the year. Even just wishing people happy holidays and saying “see you next year” felt extremely odd and out of place. Is it really Christmas next week? Is the new year really just right around the corner? How did this happen? How did it all just whizz by like <snap> that?

As odd as it was to say goodbye for now, I don’t even want to think about what saying goodbye for good would have felt like. It seems that over the course of the year I’ve grown attached to people, places, things here and I’m not ready to leave them for good. Not yet anyway. Where I’ll end up in the long run has yet to be determined and fortunately I have another year to not think about my plans for the future.

The same goes for friends and to the nth degree. I wrote the part above about work prior to dinner with girlfriends. We had a great few hours together talking about this, that and the other, all parting ways a bit sad not to see each other for 3-5 weeks. None of us knew the other existed a short 12 months ago, but over this short year we’ve become a big part of each other’s lives. At least they’ve become a big part of mine. Now that I’m home and winding down for a few before hitting the sack I am thinking about how I will remember this year. For all the great places I’ve been and things I’ve done, I feel like it’s the people I’ll remember the most.

In my “About Me” page I mentioned that there was a point in time where anyone would have guessed I’d have no life. Myself included. That I’d never leave my hometown, never venture outside a safe bubble, and probably never make much of myself. That girl is long gone and though she had the greatest of intentions, I couldn’t be happier about the direction this life is taking. I think Ben Folds summed it up: I am the luckiest.