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In one of my first posts, I described work was challenging because I didn’t know anyone, where anything was, or have much to do. Boy has that changed. This is the last week of work for the year and is the absolute, complete, utter opposite. My to-do list feels like it’s a mile long while my days are all meetings and travel. Today flew by in the blink of an eye without much time to actually be productive. Tuesday I am in Belgium to oversee a training. Wednesday is back in Amsterdam and will be chock full o’ meetings. Thursday I have a 7am flight to Switzerland to oversee another training and a 5:30pm flight back to Amsterdam. Friday I leave on a late morning flight for the US. I’m exhausted just thinking about it let alone actually trying to live through the next few days.

Work is no longer boring like it was those first few weeks. Nope, I’m knee deep in all of it and starting to hope that I’ll be able to shed a few things here and there to focus on the things that I enjoy the most. Speaking of which, that’s something I have learned about myself this year – what I enjoy and what I’d be more than happy to delegate to others. For the first time in life, I love what I do and I can start to formulate a picture of where this career could be headed. The plan isn’t yet perfect, but at least I finally feel like I can see something out there in the distance. And if I play my cards right, I’ll take away the European way of truly balancing work and life. Somehow it all seems to be coming together and it’s a good feeling.

Okay, quick break…and a few deep breaths…and I think I’ll survive. Just as it wasn’t a complaint early on, it isn’t a complaint now. Just an observation and statement of fact. I am, however, looking forward a break and having time to reflect on what I’ve learned, done, experienced this year. If I look at all I’ve done, I know I’ve grown but there’s been no time to think about what has improved and what needs focus in 2012. Time to soak it all in and to reset priorities is due.