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07:45: Leave the house nice and early with a packed suitcase, ready for an evening flight and overnight trip to Prague. As I stepped on the metro platform to catch my ride to work I realized I’d forgotten my phone. Fortunately home was just around the corner, so I turned back, ran upstairs, grabbed the phone and ended back at the metro station. Still on time, no worries.

14:45: Sit down at my desk after a full day of meetings and settle into my chair hoping to answer emails and catch up on the day before my 3:30 taxi to the airport. A moment later I reached into my bag to grab something. A lightning bolt hit and I realized I’d forgotten my passport. Son of a…

15:00: Shut down my computer, quickly pack my things and rush to the metro hoping to make it home and to the airport in time for my flight.

15:45: Speed walk home with suitcase in tow, run up and down the stairs to retreive the passport, go back to the metro station. (Visit number three of the day.)

16:04: Sprint on platform 15B to catch the train which is about to leave.

16:25: Arrive at Schiphol just as the flight starts boarding and am extremely thankful for access to the priority security line. I speed walk to the gate arriving with only a few minutes to spare.

17:30: Siting on the plane and now know it takes me almost exactly 90 minutes to get from work to home to Centraal Station to Schiphol to gate B26. Let’s just say that’s a piece of knowledge I never want to be forced to double check. I’m actually a bit amazed that I’ve gone almost an entire year of flying and only forgot my passport once. Speaking of small miracles and hoping I’m not jinxing myself, I’ve flown something like 100 flights this year and haven’t missed one. That ain’t bad. Just two weeks left to keep the streak alive. In the meantime I’ll sit in this window seat looking out over Germany and catch my breath until the next mad dash.