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As I write this, I’m in the back of a taxi in Paris going from the hotel to the office. I’ve been here twice before, but this was the first work trip in a while that actually got me a bit giddy. Though I would be in the city and country less than 24 hours, I was excited just to be here. To see the Seine, Notre Dame at night, and as I write we are driving past the Eiffel Tower. I know its a tourist attraction and an awful sight to some, but when it just appeared on the skyline it took my breath away a little. What a beautiful and romantic city. Even when you’re single.



Things remain busy, but I can feel the year winding down. I am making lists of things to do or see in the few remaining weeks and weekends here and I’m getting more and more excited about the trip home. People to see, places to go, and tons of shopping to do. At 5’7″ I never considered myself short. Then I moved to Holland where you can’t find a pair of jeans with less than a 32″ inseam. I plan to shop til I drop in the US, or until the two empty suitcases I bring are full of new clothes and other miscellaneous things that are cheaper to buy in the states. It’s nice being on this side of the exchange rate for a change.

Ah, Paris. It may be overcast and cold, but there’s a beauty to this city and I will make sure my next trip is closer to the weekend so I can spend more time soaking it all in. Maybe that’s my next list – places to visit in 2012. Any suggestions or recommendations? What’s on your wishlist?