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This is the third time I’ve tried to write a new post in the last few days. It started in the middle of last week when I felt the need to put people’s minds at ease after reading my last blog. (Yes, I will keep going on this blog though maybe not as often as in the beginning…as is already evident.) But that felt too forced. So this weekend I started thinking about how little time is left in the year and I started to write about that. That came off far too #FirstWorldProblems so it followed the first attempt into the trash. Here we are on try number three and you know what they say about the third time, so whatever this ends up being is what will go up.

Here we go…

The most exciting thing that’s happened so far this week is having my flight to the US officially booked. WAHOO! I’ve been going in circles a bit lately trying to get my contract renewed, but fortunately this one part is done and paid for. Hopefully the contract is next to follow so that I can send it off to the Dutch government in time to get a renewed residence card before I leave. Not quite sure what would happen if I showed up at immigration with old paperwork and nothing to prove I’m allowed back in the country. But how about that trip home? Three weeks back in the US to spend time with friends and family. I can’t wait and am really looking forward to it.

Planning my first trip back to the US in a year is not an easy task. Especially when friends and family are spread out from coast to coast. Three weeks sounds like a lot of time, but factor in the holidays, travel time, etc and I can only imagine how quickly it will fly by. I want to see everyone and do everything but I know it’s just not possible. And if I try it will only make for a rushed and exhausting experience. So maybe I should apologize now, in advance, to anyone I don’t get to spend enough (or any) time with. Sorry friends. I really do hope to see all of you so as a heads up, I’ll be in Reno a majority of the time with a trip to California to see family, a couple days in Denver, and the rest is TBD. I can’t wait to see you, but if we can’t make it work just remember, I have a spare room here in Amsterdam and you’re welcome to visit whenever your heart desires.