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I know that’s a dangerous way to start any post or conversation but stay with me… If you’ve been following this blog, you may have noticed that posts have become a bit fewer and further of late. To be honest, the inspiration to write just hasn’t been there as much as it was before. The summer has certainly been a busy one with a lot of work and travel, but it seems something else is going on. Maybe it’s not my level of inspiration that’s fading, it’s just that things are changing.

I started this blog almost a year ago to document a 13 month stint living and working in Europe. Things were so bright and shiny and new in the beginning that I wanted to document every experience and make sure that when my contract ended, I would have this blog to remember it all in more detail than my memory would allow. But now, as long as everything goes as planned, this will be more than just a 13 month stint. How many more has yet to be determined, but I feel like I’m making a mostly unconscious shift from soaking in and writing down a short-term experience to living. Just living. As anyone would do in any city in any country anywhere in the world. It’s not to say this isn’t special or that I’ll stop keeping track of travels, experiences, thoughts and so on through this medium, it’s just that I feel there is a shift happening and I wanted to share that with you. Or maybe I wanted to write it down for me. To record this moment in time that many people probably go through when they make the transition from “Is this really my life (question mark)” to “This really is my life (period)”.

There are only a handful (okay, two handfuls) of weeks left in the year and I’m thankful that I don’t yet have to say goodbye to the friends, the job, the city, the continent just yet. At least not for more than the few weeks I’ll be spending back in the US for the holidays. I’m really looking forward to seeing family and friends, but just as I wondered how it would feel when I arrived in Europe, I now wonder what it will feel like to be back on American soil for the first time in a year. But maybe that is a topic for another post.