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Where does the time go? It’s been almost a month since my last post and though I had every intent to write as soon as I returned from vacation, time just seemed to fly. And as more time passes, the more intimidating writing a new blog post became. Rather than trying to catch you up on everything I did in my two weeks off and everything that’s happened in the two weeks since I returned, I’ll share a short summary and a few photos. Enjoy!

Vacation Part I

The first few days of my holiday were spent in Italy with friends from the US. It was a great couple of days – one in Florence and another in Siena. We ate a lot, walked a lot, and drank a little. Italy is beautiful and I really enjoyed the company as well as the beautiful landscapes of the Tuscany region.


Lovers enjoying Ponte Vecchio




Typical Italiano


Vacation Part II

From Italy I flew three legs to get me to Palma de Mallorca – a Spanish island in the Mediterranean. I made it to Palma just fine, unfortunately my luggage did not and it has yet to surface. Fortunately not much is needed for a week in the Med. A t-shirt, shorts, and a bathing suite will pretty much do the job. We spent a couple of days on Palma, then spent 6 days on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Sailing was the experience of a lifetime and surpassed any expectations I could have had of the week. The weather was in our favor the whole trip and we even had a group of dolphins join us one afternoon. I won’t be adding owning a sailboat to my bucket list, but I’d jump at the opportunity to do this type of trip again.

Back to Reality

Often getting back into work mode and reality after a great vacation can cause some post-holiday blues. On the drive to the airport at the end of the trip, I was sad to watch the blue ocean move further and further away in the rear-view mirror. Fortunately the work week that followed was insanely busy and rewarding. I was forced to jump back into the real world head first. And now, before I knew it, October 15th happened. Halfway through the tenth month of the year leaving only 10 weeks left in 2011. Where does the time go?