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A saxaphone.

Cathedral bells.


Jazz music.

People speaking French. Or Italian. Or Dutch. Or English. Or…you name it.

Rattling bicycles.

Ducks and swans paddling through the canals.

The clinking glasses and silverware on dishes.

As I took a short walk to pick up my bike from where I dropped it this morning, I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face as I walked from here to there. Often I’m so wrapped up in where I’m going or what I’m doing that I speed through this city not noticing the beauty all around me. It was nice to walk without earbuds in, just observing and absorbing the life around me.

Amsterdam is an absolutely beautiful city from the architecture to the people to the sounds. Today I couldn’t be happier to have landed here. I am grateful for this life and the wonderful people who support me every day of this journey. Though I may have moved so far from home, I never feel alone.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Facebooking…