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Do you know that feeling when something is so big you just don’t know where to start and you’re overwhelmed before you even begin? That’s how I feel right now. That and tired.

Friday through Tuesday I was in Moscow, returning home late Tuesday night and back in the office Wednesday and Thursday. I’m exhausted and still have one more day of work to go before a nice three-day weekend during which I plan to sleep, sleep some more, and maybe sleep. And in between the sleeping I’ll be going through Moscow photos. All 1,118 of them. Which brings me back to the part about being overwhelmed. I hardly know where to start. And the fact that they aren’t just point-and-shoot happy snaps only adds to the situation.

A few weeks ago, I invested in a new camera. A nice one. So that I could (hopefully) better capture the beautiful things I see and the amazing journeys I get to take during this expatriate adventure. This trip to Moscow was my first real experience with the camera and actually taking control of the settings before clicking the shutter closed then open again. It was a really fun experience and the first look through the photos already shows what a difference a real camera can make. Not only do I have my 510 photos, but I also have the 608 photos my colleague took as we swapped with one another. So this weekend will be spent sorting, cleaning, and editing the photos before sharing a small sampling of them with you.

I’m too tired to share much more than this tonight, but will say that the trip was an amazing one. Being in Moscow was a surreal experience at times and, as I’d hoped, felt different than anywhere I’ve been before. I look forward to sharing my observations in more detail when I can think a bit more clearly and I anticipate it’ll take at least a couple of posts to cover everything, but I imagine it’ll keep us both busy for the coming week.

I feel almost obliged to share at least one photo with you, so here it is. A candid photo trying to figure out our next stop with St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square in the background.