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Lunch with Grandma & Grandpa

Sunday and Monday of last week my grandparents were in Amsterdam after a week long cruise on the Rhine from Switzerland. When they booked the cruise, they added two days on the end here in the city to spend time with their eldest grandchild (moi).

Due to a bit of miscommunication, I made it to their hotel on Sunday last week about two hours later than planned but they were still sitting in the lobby waiting. Just seeing them as I walked through the door filled me with joy. It was so wonderful to have them here and to spend time together. As they’d just ended the cruise that morning, our interaction on Sunday was limited to lunch at the hotel but we were able to catch up on how their trip was and how things are living in the city. Other than a short Skype conversation a few months back, this is the first time I’d really spoken to them since leaving the US. After about two hours in the restaurant, I headed home and they back to their hotel room with plans to spend more time together Monday (I’d taken the day off work to be with them).

Monday morning around 11, I went back to their hotel to pick them up. We took a short taxi ride from the hotel to the tour boat dock near Central Station. The one request my grandparents had was that whatever we did couldn’t include too much walking, so a boat along the canals seemed like the perfect thing. I’m still not sure whether they’ve ever been to Amsterdam before, but they really enjoyed seeing the city this way and as the weather wasn’t fully cooperative, we were able to stay dry. After the boat we went back to the hotel for lunch and more chitchat and I returned in the evening to join them for dinner.

My grandparents mean the world to me and I can’t say enough how happy it made me to see them. At the same time, I realized how little time I’ve spent with them over the last few years when I lived in Reno and regretted a bit not making more of an effort to get back and see them more when I was closer. Hindsight is always 20-20. Their visit also amplified my desire to see friends and family soon, though there are a few pieces of information I am waiting to receive before making any solid plans for a visit back to the States.