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I’ve passed the halfway point of my contract. Six months gone by in a flash. Recently, on a quiet evening, I looked back and read through all of my posts since December. It was interesting to reflect on what I thought and felt as this adventure started. (So glad I decided to keep this blog!) I also noticed, as you may have if you’ve been following along with me, that I’ve settled into this life. Even in my day-to-day I’ve noticed that things aren’t as shiny and new as they used to be.  It also came up in a conversation the other day. As I told the story of what I do and the places I go, I was told I sounded blase about the whole thing. The person who said this to me also travels a lot so understood where I was coming from and felt the same way about his travel life, but it was a bit surprising to hear.

I would think that anyone living any life would become used to the way of things at some point. Do anything enough for it to become routine and you won’t have that shiny, new, exciting feeling anymore. This isn’t to say that I’m any less happy, in fact it’s quite the opposite. At work I’m up to speed and starting to take on my own projects (having just delivered the first solo one today) and getting more and more confident which is a great feeling. I’m also settled into my home life. The apartment feels like home, I know the neighborhood, and I can find my way around Amsterdam without getting (too) turned around. Maybe the ultimate: I’m working on my Dutch. I guess I’m somewhere between the initial “Is this really my life?” feeling and “Yeah, I live in and travel all across Europe every week. No big deal.”

There are a few things out there on the horizon that have the potential to get me back to that kid-on-Christmas-morning level of excitement. Travel to new destinations mostly, but I’ll save those for when they’re booked. Let’s just say that I’ve got my fingers, toes, arms, and legs crossed that even just one of these trips works out. In the meantime, I’ll pack for another boring trip to the London office and prepare for next week’s trip to Vienna where I’ll be spending two extra days to explore. Any must see/do/eat recommendations?