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Ah, back to the blog. The lack of posts over the last two weeks was due to my first visitor and a bit of a crazy work schedule. Yes, after almost six months here someone finally came to see me! Mom was here for just shy of two weeks and boy did she (and we) do a lot.

I was able to take a few days off work during her visit, but not the whole time. While I was at work she spent the days walking around the city, going to museums, and getting a feel for Amsterdam. It seemed she really enjoyed the museums, but didn’t fall for the city like I have. It’s probably different experiencing Amsterdam as a visitor and I know that the combination of pedestrians (most of whom are lost tourists not paying attention), cars, and bicycles was a bit much.

The days I did have off from work we made the most of, especially this past weekend. Friday we went to Keukenhof to see the flowers. It was a bit late in the season so many of the flowers had already been cut, but there was still quite a bit to see.

Mom and me at Keukenhof

Tulips galore

I'm a dork and couldn't resist

Segrada Familia

Saturday we left for Barcelona, a first for both of us. Everyone I talked to spoke highly of the city and offered recommendations of things to see and to stay away from. After a two-hour delay on the flight we were finally on the way. Of course, shortly after setting out to our first destination – Segrada Familia – it started to rain. Our first day in Barcelona wasn’t much of a success but we got the bad luck out of the way early.

Sunday we quite possibly walked the entire city checking off all the sights we wanted to see. The last scenic destination was Montjuic which is on a hill overlooking the city. The weather Sunday couldn’t have been better making for fantastic views of Barcelona and the ocean. It was absolutely beautiful.

Mom and me over Barcelona

Overall Mom’s visit was a great one and it was great to see her after several months. My next planned visitors will be my grandparents. About a month after his 90th birthday, my grandfather and grandmother will be coming to Europe to take a river cruse ending in Amsterdam. They’ve booked hotel nearby for two extra nights to see me and the city. Before I start planning for that, I think I’ll enjoy a quiet weekend and a full week at home before traveling again. Ready, set, relax…