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You’d think that after all of the traveling I do every day/week/month that during the four day Easter weekend the first thing I’d want to do is absolutely nothing. Stay home, sleep in, enjoy my beautiful apartment, and spend time exploring the city I now call home. Well if you thought that you don’t know me well enough and you’d be wrong. Nope, rather than staying at home I planned a three day weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland. Planned may be a bit of a liberal description as all I really did in advance was book the flight and hotel.

There wasn’t anything in particular that drew me to Edinburgh, mostly just the fact that it was a place I won’t be going for work and the flights and hotels were significantly cheaper than any of the warm destinations I’d considered. Leading up to the trip all but one person I talked to about my destination didn’t have much good to say about it. Edinburgh was described as dirty, uninteresting, or a place people never thought of or wanted to go. I didn’t have the highest of expectations after these conversations, but knew I’d find something to enjoy and appreciate no matter what.

Friday I did manage to enjoy a day at home or at least in Amsterdam. The weather was amazing and I managed to spend most of the day outside. And just to make sure things were planned as last minute as possible, I managed to pick up a book on Edinburgh to figure out the must-see things and have a map. Saturday morning I was up early and off to the airport. Now that I’ve achieved real status with KLM I got to the airport early to take advantage of free breakfast and tea in the lounge, then was on the plane and up in the air.

When I arrived in Scotland around 11 on Saturday it was raining. Shocking, I know. Not to be deterred, I dropped my bags at the hotel, grabbed my umbrella, map, and camera and started to get my bearings in the city. I had lunch in New Town then hopped on a tour bus to get acquainted with the city. I also spent time walking the Royal Mile and went on a free ghost tour. This was an interesting way to spend the evening with a real character of a tour guide who told great stories on the darker side of Edinburgh’s past (torture, hangings, bodysnatching). Despite what people had said or not said about Edinburgh, I thought the city was absolutely beautiful. The buildings and monuments are gorgeous and the city is multi-leveled allowing you to look up or down on a number of views. I would go back in a heartbeat to see it all again.

Not to make this post a cliff-hanger, but my Sunday was even more amazing than my Saturday and feel that it warrants its own post later in the week. So for now, enjoy the photos.

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