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It’s now been three months since I completely turned my world upside down. Since I turned up in the Netherlands sight unseen, not knowing a soul and not really knowing exactly what I’d be doing 40 hours a week in between all the travel. Despite all of the unknowns I was excited and optimistic.

Ninety days later I’m settled into a new apartment in the city and into my role at work. For the first 6-8 weeks I was overwhelmed on a daily basis. The company is bigger than any I’ve ever worked for and has more acronyms than any one person should know. (Yes, more than my last employer for those of you who know what I’m talking about.) Feeling up to speed and getting my head above water has allowed me to breathe and take stock of what I’m doing, and wow. I love my job. I knew coming in that it would challenge me to do things I’d never done before, but wow.

So as not to bore you with a bunch of lingo and words that don’t mean anything to most people, my role is an internal consultant working with management and leadership at our 22 offices across Europe. Going from my last job to this one is a huge leap and I am actually starting to believe that I can do this job and do it well. It’s a different feeling doing work that doesn’t necessarily involve measurable tasks or direct productivity. I guess that’s what consulting is about, huh? In any case, between the travel and the weekends I spend my days doing something I am really enjoying and with people I like working with, who challenge me. It’s all pretty amazing and I am happy and proud of myself that I did whatever it was I did to get me to this place.

Many of my friends are also going through changes this year. Big ones. Moving cross-country, having babies, changing jobs. I’m excited and optimistic for them and for the opportunities all of these changes can bring. Just remember that change is good if you let it be good and though I don’t necessarily believe in a higher power, I do often wonder if some things happen for a reason. If, when we do the right things, we end up exactly where we should. Maybe that’s a contradiction, maybe not. In any case, the time here just seems to be flying by and I’m looking forward to the next 90 days and what they’ll bring.


On an unrelated note: I’m watching the live stream from Apple’s iPad 2 event and I sure hope the next 90 days brings me one of those. It looks amazing! So Mom, be prepared to whip out my debit card and pack a white box in your suitcase come May!