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Buckingham Palace through a black cab

It’s been another week full of travel. Tuesday I flew to London and actually got to go into London City this trip. I was in the office all day, but on the taxi ride back to Paddington Station we drove around Hyde Park, by the Marble Arch, and around Buckingham Palace. Similar to how I felt as I walked around Notre Dame over the weekend, seeing Buckingham Palace reminded me of the wonderful trip I took to Europe with my mom in 2008. Had we not taken that trip, my eyes probably wouldn’t have been opened to the world outside the US and I probably wouldn’t be here right now. So, thanks Mom.

Before all that reminiscing, I was sitting there working away Tuesday when my phone buzzed. Since I was in a meeting I couldn’t answer, but I knew it was the agent I’d seen apartments with a few days before. She’d promised to call as soon as she had word from the owner on whether or not I’d gotten the apartment I wanted. She rang again but didn’t leave a message. Fortunately a few minutes later she hit me with an email to share the good news. The other people interested in the apartment passed so the Goldilocks apartment near Nieuwmarkt and facing out over a cute little canal was mine! We were able to work out the details over email and am planning to move in on March 1st. I’m absolutely ecstatic about moving into the city and the life that I’ll be able to have there. The area is filled with cafes, restaurants, shops, and is a short bike ride from museums and everything else in Amsterdam. It’ll be so much easier to meet up with people, go to events, and have a social life rather than sitting on this couch night after night. Well, the ones I’m here anyway.

Wednesday my colleague and I left the UK, flew back to Amsterdam, then hopped in his car and drove down to Brussels. Yep, just like that three countries in one day. After another day long meeting we drove back to Amsterdam and back to my (officially) temporary apartment. Guess it’s time to start packing…again. At least this time it’ll be a quick and easy move made with just a few suitcases and maybe a box or two.