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Last week was kind of insane. Monday and Tuesday were fine as I was in the office. It all started Tuesday night when I flew to Oslo for meetings on Wednesday. My room was on the 28th floor of the hotel and offered an awesome view of the city. Even more beautiful was watching the sun rise.

Oslo at night

Wednesday went by quickly and before I knew it, I was off to the airport and on my way to London for meetings. Actually, I was really looking forward to this trip to London as I’d arranged to meet up with a friend from Reno for drinks when I arrived. My first live connection with someone from home! We had a few beers at the hotel bar and caught up on everything we’d been up to since seeing each other last. It was great to talk to someone who has known me for more than two months.

Thursday flew by and I was off to Heathrow. Destination: home. For less than 24 hours. Friday was a busy day and rather than wasting time getting to/from work for a half day in the office, I made the executive decision to work from my home office (aka bed). At 11, I headed into the city and made my way to the first apartment on my Apartment Hunters International experience. The first place was the outskirts of the Jordaan area and was great. One bedroom, good size kitchen, fold out sofa, and across the street from a park…with a concrete bowl to skate that looked super fun! The apartment was a definite possibility, but the next two places were in city center so I held of making any decisions.

Apartment number two was in the Nieuwmarkt area and was absolutely beautiful. The building, the apartment, the furnishings, the view. Unfortunately it was also a bit out of my budget. Onto apartment number three. Almost like the story of Goldilocks. The first apartment was too far, the second was too expensive, the third was just right. Also in the Nieumarkt area, the second apartment felt more livable. Very small kitchen and an ugly sofa, but the location was great (around the corner from the metro station), the budget was right, and the view was perfect with the living room windows looking out over a small street and canal, much like the header at the top of this page.

Unfortunately the owner is being difficult and I still don’t know whether or not I’ll get this apartment. Hopefully by noon on Tuesday I’ll have the answer. In the meantime, I’ve asked my agent to reserve the Jordaan apartment as my back up. I’m sure I could search for weeks and weeks and find the perfect place, but I don’t have the time or the patience. I would be extremely happy in either apartment so we’ll see where I end up.

After running all over town looking for my future home, the girls and I were off to the airport and on our way to Paris. Side note: it’s getting hard to keep the cities straight and end up looking at my calendar more than once just to figure out where I am on any given day. In any case, the trip to Paris was fantastic! Our hotel was in the Latin Quarter area near Luxembourg Gardens which was perfect. In two days we saw almost everything you should see on your first trip to Paris. Having been there before, I was a bit of the defacto tour guide, but we made our way around easily and had a blast.

One of the interesting points of the trip was on Friday night. After arriving, we immediately headed out for dinner and our first sights of the trip. We took the metro to the Arc de Triomphe planning to walk back toward our hotel until we couldn’t walk anymore. For some reason there were police all around the Arc and we couldn’t take the stairs under the road and over to the Arc. As we walked down Champs-Elysses there were people honking and yelling, then we noticed people hanging out their car windows waving flags. Egyptian flags. Of course. They were celebrating the announcement that the military had taken power in Egypt. Once I realized what was happening it became an even more surreal and interesting experience. Here we were walking down the Champs-Elysses in Paris while these people celebrated the possibilities for their country and their people. Definitely a memorable experience and I captured a bit on video.

The two days were as much of a whirlwind as the week had been. Running from one place to the next trying to do as much as possible in the time we had. I’d say that the three of us were ambitious and successful and had a great time together. I’m thankful to have spent Singles Awareness Weekend with such great people and look forward to more weekends like these.

This week is no different than last. I am in Amsterdam tonight (Monday) but leaving early tomorrow morning for two days in our London office followed by a day in Brussels. Hopefully I’ll hear about the apartment around noon tomorrow so I can get the apartment hunting knocked off my list. As for the weekend (yes, I’m already thinking about the weekend and it’s only Monday) I don’t know what the plan is yet. My new American friend is already leaving the Netherlands and heading back home so I’ll likely have most of the weekend planned doing things with her which is just fine. Between now and then I’m looking forward to finding a couple of quiet hours vegging out, doing absolutely nothing.

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