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I’ve officially learned that not having a plan is a horrible plan. The past few weekends I’ve attempted to just head out and see what happens which has turned into boring days in the apartment either because I lost motivation or because my last minute attempts resulted in failure as documented in my last post. So instead of playing it by ear then regretting having wasted one of my 52 weekends in Europe, I now have a plan. At least for this weekend.

Brussels in summer

Saturday I’m going to Brussels, Belgium. It looks like a beautiful town and has a ton of history and great architecture. Once the train’s website is working again I will have pre-purchased my round trip ticket so as to eliminate any excuse not to get my poop in a group Saturday morning. The train ride is under 50 euro and only two hours and 45 minutes each way. I’m hoping the journey provides a scenic view of the southern part of the Netherlands and into Belgium. I’ll arrive in Brussels around 12:30 and will return around 7:30pm. A nice, long day in the city. It just so happens that I’ve been hosting a few people from our Belgian office this week so I slyly asked what one might do for a few hours. That resulted in a nice list of places to go, things to see, and places to drink beer. Hey, when in Rome right?

Here’s what I was instructed to see: Manneken PisGrand PlaceLa MonnaieRue Neuve, and the Royal Palace. What else should I be sure to check out in Brussels? Tips are welcome!

Sunday I’ll most likely stay local. Check out a bike from the front desk here and ride around town to get a bit better oriented as well as the side benefit of some exercise. That should also help with all the Belgian beer and chocolate I plan to consume on Saturday. Then Sunday evening I head to Schiphol and back off to London for meetings on Monday.

Here’s hoping the weather cooperates and that I have a day filled with new adventures and beautiful sights resulting in a nice photo-filled blog post for you early next week.