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I'm legal!

But first…

I’m official! My application to live and work in the Netherlands has been approved by the Dutch government. The paperwork is in order and my residence card should be here in three weeks. What a relief!

Back to the title of this blog post. Being new sucks! Don’t get me wrong, the new job is great and interesting, it’s just that getting up to speed takes a long time and sitting around waiting to be handed work is terrible. I feel useless more than half the day. Having been at my last company for five years I knew what I was doing and, worst case, could find something to occupy my time. But since I’m still learning and being brought into the fold on everything going on I’m often searching for something to keep me busy. It’s the worst part about changing jobs…at least to me. I want to contribute and be productive. Of course, each day gets a little better as I get more comfortable, confident, and involved in the project.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m heading off to somewhere new: Oslo, Norway. The forecast is -6 and snow. Even with the cold, I’m looking forward to landing in a brand new city and country as well as to meeting the first of many local teams I’ll be working with this year. As soon as the weather gets warmer (or the destinations more southern) I’ll be able to extend these 1-2 day work trips into weekend getaways. The company gets me there and back, I just have to foot the bill for any extra nights in a hotel. Not a bad arrangement. Some of the countries I’ll likely get to this year: France, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Norway, Spain.

Until the weather improves or we start flying south, my weekend adventures will be focused on Amsterdam and places within a short train ride. This weekend will be Amsterdam though I have yet to pick any specific destinations. It’s supposed to be 9 Celsius, the warmest weather since I’ve been here. I’ll do my best to collect some good stories and photos to share with you when the weekend is done.