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After a great trip back to the states, I’m once again unpacked and settled into my apartment. The journey to Reno was longer than I’d anticipated as I got stuck in Salt Lake City overnight due to a mechanical issue and a cancelled flight. On the bright side, I got to take an overnight break from traveling and sleep in a quiet hotel room with an extremely comfortable bed. I made it to Reno the following day and got to spend time with my mom and friends over my stay which was nice.

The original plan was to remain in Reno through New Year’s, but I ended up convincing myself to book a stateside excursion to spend the last two days of the year with Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (RCPM) and friends. I’ve been going to their shows since 2004 and there’s just something about them that hooked me. Great performers, great music, and a great community of fans and friends. So the last 2.5 days of my time in the states was spent in Arizona having an absolute blast. Here are a few videos I took over the two nights.

On January 1st I flew back to Reno to finish packing, then was back up in the air bright and early on the 2nd headed to Amsterdam. This time, fortunately, there weren’t any major mechanical failures and I somehow managed to make each of my connections. Even my luggage made it safe and sound.

Being here feels a little different, but not like I was expecting. I thought it would be more overwhelming or emotional, but it’s not. I’m certainly going to miss my friends and family, but thanks to Skype, Facebook, and email I don’t doubt that we’ll all be in touch. So now I’m just relaxing on the couch, enjoying having wifi again, and trying to get into the mindset of going to work tomorrow.

Along with work, I also have an appointment tomorrow at the Expat Center to get my work permit taken care of and also have to go to city call to register as a resident. I’ll also be inquiring this week about the apartment situation and hope to start that process as soon as possible. Then Friday I head to Norway for a day. Yes, Norway for a day. It’s somewhere I’d love to visit for a longer period of time (and will), but not with an expected high of 20 and snow.

A few photos from the trip:

Arizona desert somewhere between Phoenix and Tucson

RCPM @ the Rialto in Tucson, AZ

RCPM rocks Tucson

The temperature NYE when I walked back to the hotel