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It’s 6:45 am Wednesday and I’m getting ready to head to Schiphol for my flight back to the US so that I can spend the holidays with friends and family before my real stint here in Amsterdam. With all of the snow here in Europe and the airport closures I’ve been questioning whether or not I’ll get out of here on time, but the airline is still reporting my flight as on time so fingers and toes are crossed.

Because of this trip home, I don’t know whether the fact that I’ll be living here for an entire year has really sunk in. I wonder if it will feel different when I come back in January and don’t have a trip back to the states planned. So far I’m really enjoying being in Amsterdam but am already itching to find an apartment in city center. I’m currently living in Amstelveen and my apartment is a 15 minute commute to the office, but Amstelveen is your run of the mill suburb. It isn’t the city life that I could be living in Amsterdam. There you live on some quaint street near (or facing) a canal and have everything you need within a short walk – market, cafe, flower shop, etc.

Living on the canal

I’ve started to research the cost of furnished apartments in the center of Amsterdam and it doesn’t seem too far out of reach compared with what I have now. Most likely I’ll explore the topic further in January and maybe go check out some apartments in Amsterdam just to get a better idea of what I can get. I feel like living in the city will make this a completely different experience, and a much better/more memorable one.

Until then, it’s time to finish getting ready for 19 hours of travel so that I can get back to Reno and spend some quality time with friends and family.